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our vision

We are software development company with a mission of revolutionize education sector through digital inclusion in learning environments. The aim is to provide quality education through visual learning which is the best methodology for learning. We have developed SMART DARASA which is android mobile platform with ability to enhance normal books to become interactive
and make those content to have life in form of video animation and 3D objects. This increase student engagement in the learning process and offer cost effective solution (replacement for computer and projectors). The company started may 2016, we started as android, website developers and graphic designing. With our dedicated team, we are passionate to make changes to our society.

Our Service

Enhancing custom books

We enhance custom books by providing digital 3D models and animated videos which are embedded on top of pages. This feature offer clarity and sufficient details to books when are scanned by a mobile application.

Digitize learning materials

Large percent of learning materials in African countries, appropriate for class subjects, are still in hard copy form, this have resulted to slow adaptation of digital learning. By realizing this smartdarasa offers standard digitization of learning materials which suit client needs at affordable price.

Teaching science subjects

Smartdarasa team offers academic services which have focused on science subjects. The team is teaching along with smartdarasa platform which offers interactive experience for students.

Animations and Graphics designs

Smartdarasa offers graphics designs and animation services which comply with market standard. Our design experience ranges from academic purpose to general purposes graphics designs.

Our Experience

Teaching Science Subjects
Graphics design and animations for academics
Human Centered Design
Digitization of learning contents
Our goal is to provide quality education by which students will apply the acqured knowledge to make a better future.

Meet smartdarasa team

Elias Elisante
Elias Elisante
Elead Mrina
Elead Mrina
Samuel Sirikwa
Samuel Sirikwa
Amy Bendel
Amy Bendel
Marketing Officer
Rafia Ramadhani
Rafia Ramadhani
Content Developer